Paymentology and Pie People partner to launch unique Shari’ah compliant Payment Solutions in the UK.

1 year ago

Pie People have selected world leading payment processor innovator, Paymentology, to be their card processor. The leading edge Paymentology platform will form the backbone behind the companies new Shari’ah compliant banking payment platform.

Pie People are building a full service Shari’ah compliant banking platform ground up to offer end to end Banking as a Service (BAAS). The Paymentology partnership is one of the first steps in this journey.

Paymentology is an Issuer side payments processor specialising in provision of fast, scalable and dedicated processing for banks and card issuers around the globe. The platform already supports many global banks.

Chief Executive of Paymentology, Shane O’Hara commented, “Adding Pie People to the platform is an important step for us as we enhance our offering to incorporate the world of Islamic banking, and we look forward to cementing our relationship further through provision of highly flexible processing.”

Pie People was created to serve the unbanked, SME’s and Fintechs with a Shari’ah compliant banking platform, helping business to innovate and scale in an ethical, transparent and socially responsible way.

Founder of Pie People Abdul Kadir welcomed the engagement with Paymentology, saying, “We wanted a partner that didn’t just concentrate on profit margins, a partner sensitive to all of our needs as a provider of ethical banking. We needed a partner who could support our business model, was flexible and presented us with a team that could ensure our success. Paymentology’s experience and world class technology stood out from the crowd.”

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About Paymentology

Paymentology runs multiple issuer payment card processing platforms across the world, spanning Mastercard, Visa and UnionPay networks. We are recognised as the leading innovator in the sector. We specialise in: Replacing legacy Issuer card processing, Provision of cloud & data centre based processing, Direct transaction injection into bank GL, Delivery of rich card spend datasets to bank, Enablement of very latest cardholder spend controls, and Support of Debit, Credit and Pre-Paid card programmes.